Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Card Collectanea's Card-making Clues, Clue #2

Once you've made files for each of the colors and have sorted the solids and prints into their own manilla folders, what about what's left? You know, the papers that have multiple colors.

Probably you'll be surprised at how few there acutally are, especially in comparison to all of the others. I put them all in one manilla folder in its own hanging file. It will take a little time to sort through it, but so much less time than before without all the one-color pages. Put it at the end (after yellow) of the one-color files.

As a way subdivide it a bit, try putting anything Christmas into its own folder. If you do other holidays a lot, say Easter or Halloween, you might benefit from giving them their own place as well.

Now you're ready for the crowning moment. At your local department store, farm and gardern, plant place, or discount store, find a plant stand holder with casters on it. In our area, now is a great time to find them on clearance.

Using cable ties, string, or even strong twist ties, attach the plant holder to the botton of the crate. You'll instantly have a box that you can easily slide in and out from under a desk or table. When you don't need the papers, they're tucked away. When you need them, they're at your fingertips. Hope this helps.

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